Quang Binh Trip - ADD'S SPECIALITY

Quang Binh is a province in North Central Coast Vietnam. This province is located at the narrowest place according to the east-west direction of the S-shaped strip of Vietnam (40.3 km following the shortest path from the Lao border to the South China Sea).
Quang Binh - the intestine of the Central region, is the charming place with many famous scenic spots captivating people, historical monuments and the world's natural heritage along many delicious specialties.
And we decided to choose this coastal province for our holiday to strengthen the bond among colleagues. It was a 3-day trip.
a twelve- hour sleep on an unforgettable night train. 

It was rain in Hanoi but Dong Hoi had an favorable weather for a trip.

let go ride.

we decided to discover a cave in the last day and it was...