As we have known before, ADD group is structured by several subsidiary companies namely PLAN ADD, SE ADD and ADD GLOBAL. The Plan ADD is an architecture firm, which achieved a wide range of award and rank top 10th of architect in Vietnam. We offers a host of designing, construction consulting services, you can name several remarkable projects such as: U-Silk City, An Vien Dragon Pia, Eco Plus Laocai Hotel,...
To accomplish such huge number of achievements, Plan ADD gathers a team of young talent architecture from both Korea and Vietnam with a mutual desire - " Bring better quality of life to people through our design". And to manage those young architect, we have 2 senior team leaders, Mr. Do Ngoc Tan is one of the 2 leaders travelling with Plan ADD for roughly 3 years (from 2016).

Mr. Tan does not only possess a great experience and capacity to deal with the project but also have a strength bond with other fellows, especially with the new members.  

Hado FC VINA Construction site.

Hung Vuong Hotel

However, "All good things must come to an end". Mr. Tan decided to get a move in his career, and he officially left our Plan ADD to challenge himself in another environment. We hope he will success in the way he choose and someday in the future the ADD can cooperate with him in some other project.

 Quang Binh trip is the way we say goodbye to Mr. Tan

His contribution to ADD is unforgettable.