There are several skyscrapers in Vietnam which are over sixty floors namely Bitexco Financial Tower, Kaengnam Landmark 72, Lotte Center Hanoi. We could say that nowadays these huge buildings are not really surprise us, it is unnecessary to pay attention in something that so common. In the middle of 2018, however, a new skyscraper drawn attention of the people throughout the shape S country. The unique Building names Landmark 81 finished its construction, There is no doubt that it is the tallest building ever built in Vietnam. Nevertheless, the height of the building is not a key factor that made Landmark 81 become the center of attention among Vietnamese. In contrast, the idea and the story of the project made it viral widely.    

Landmark 81 is well-known as the largest building in Vietnam, Located in a prime location of Ho Chi Minh City. It dethroned Keangnam Landmark 72 as the tallest building in Vietnam.

The investor is Vingroup, The main contractor is Coteccons, both of them are the biggest Vietnamese brands in their fields.

A complex building includes: Commerce center, Office, Hotel,...
The design was inspired from the image of the bamboo bush - the plants that go along with Vietnamese's history through over 4,000 years.

After a 1,000-day period of construction, there is no doubt that Landmark 81 is becoming the new icon of Ho Chi Minh City.