After 10 years working in a villa, we decided to move to an office building. The Co-working Space in Dolphin Plaza looks huge, professional and modern. An ideal place for developing our career.  

"The new office creates a great environment that is favorable for highly concentrating on the work." Mr. Duc Hoang Minh an architect at the architecture department, one of the most active member expressed to ADDGROUP reporter in the very interview session on June 21th 2019. 

"We had redesigned this place to fit with the ADDGROUP style, and seem like it made our staff feel more comfortable." Mr. Duc added.

The new office is not only a change in the location but also an adjustment in the working environment. A change that can breathe a new air into our daily architecture and construction work.  Furthermore, we are now have more neighbors in this Co-working space - a dynamic ecosystem with a host of start-up and small companies. 

Management and Accountant Team.

There is no doubt that architecture is a job requiring an intensive concentration. Every single defect or flaw will result in a disaster that can doom a construction. Even a tiny fault means we have to do the whole work over again, which is not only a waste of time but also a cause of client's unsatisfactoriness. Our team is highly aware about the importance of the product's quality, in that we always keep a rigorous discipline at work. Starting at 8:00 am every working day and leaving the office at 5:30 pm. Sometimes on the weekend, however, we still work overtime to meet the need of customer.

Agree that the work is totally intense, but it can not prevent us from enjoying the free time with each other. 
We have our own place to take a break.

Shape Up

We move to the new office coincide with welcoming 2 new members. Thus, it is the best time for having party.