Long Bien Bridge is a historical construction that had built in a 3-year period ( form 1898 to 1902) by the French. It is the first firm bridge that connect the Hanoi mainland with Long Bien District which include 2 motorbike lanes and 1 railway in the middle. It was the main entrance for people and goods from the eastern area to get to the capital.  

It is obvious, that the Long Bien bridge has the France Architecture and It was built by the French. There was, However, a presumption among Vietnamese people about who drawn this historical bridge. Most People thought that was Gustave Eiffel, who is synonymous with the Eiffel tower - the Icon of France. After a thorough inspect, we found it was erroneous, Eiffel and his company did involve in the competition to gain the project and they had their own design but were not approved by the government. Eventually, Daydé & Pillé's architects won the bid and started designing the construction. 

If we pay more attention, it will be easy to find out the evident.

Until now, there are several other bridges was built to connect the 2 parts of Hanoi. Some people said it is time for The Long Bien Bridge to retire. However, this was still allowed to remain as a historical and architecture Icon rather than it's transportation function.