The 2023 DB-SNUbiz Global Startup Challenge

 The DB-SNUbiz Global Startup Challenge, a start-up competition for college students singled out from the top universities of Asian countries, celebrates its fourth anniversary in 2023. The DB-SNUbiz Global Startup Challenge event gives top students in Asia a chance to grow into value creating leaders through firsthand experience launching a mock startup. Students get advising on the basics of business idea formation, determining product market fit, product design, product prototyping, testing, team creation, project management, marketing and acquiring investment financing.

This competition is hosted by both the DB Group, a large South Korean company focused on innovative green technology and financial services, and Seoul National University, the number one ranked higher education institution in Korea.

On behalf of the Startup Challenge Committee, we would like to invite your students to participate in this exciting and prestigious competition. Through active partnership of KMA and your university, we expect talented students from your university will enter our competition and get positive results.