SEA19-P02 ESSA PHASE 2 Include 2 factories namely Lumi and Kumho.
One is 1 floor, other is 2 floors. We guarantee to finish in time, even the schedule is too  tight, 3 months in total for finishing 2 factories with the area of roughly 8000 sqm.

We pay attention in the site from the very small step

Constructing without disturbing and threatening to the daily operation of client.

Thoroughly care to the physical and mental health of SE ADD worker, to bring client the best quality of product and keep the schedule as well. Our workers do exercise every morning  to gain robust health to complete every mission.

Keeping hygiene for the surrounding area.

Working hard and provide advance machinery and robot to boost the schedule and guarantee the quality of the construction. 

Strictly follow the schedule committed with the investor, we finish the steel structure until 17th December 2018 for the KUMHO .