Eco-Green Saigon the Event Centrer

On the last 15th August 2019, Plan ADD and XMT have a meeting to discuss and deliberate how we develop an Event Center in the Eco-Green Saigon complex. 
In the very conference room, Plan ADD presented an unique design that could become the next icon of the Southeast Asia. An ideal place for the world class event, it is planned to serve the International Event, Political Summit, Luxurious Wedding,... 
With that dream, Plan ADD team did not only try to make the architecture concept but also proposed the Lighting and AV concept to create such a great masterpiece by cooperating with Tongsuh and Desco.
All of us put our restless effort to provide the humanity a unique place with luxury, meticulousness and subtlety. 

A world class wedding hall.

The idea of this unique arch came from the image of a bird perching on the ground land, that implies of a peaceful land, that can nurture every dream of the people.