ADD Group & S-Group sign contract for implementing Hoa Phong New City

August 8, 2023 - A groundbreaking partnership has been forged between ADD Group and S-Group, promising to reshape the landscape of Việt Trì City with the ambitious Hòa Phong New City project. The signing of the cooperation agreement marks a significant milestone in urban development for the region.

The Hòa Phong New City project is an expansive development encompassing residential apartments, a bustling commercial center, and a mixed-use housing complex. This holistic approach aims to create a dynamic and modern cityscape that Việt Trì residents can be proud of.

The primary goal of the Hòa Phong New City project is to establish a distinctive architectural landmark that symbolizes Việt Trì's transformation into a vibrant and contemporary metropolis. The project aspires to bring a fresh vitality to the city, attracting residents and businesses alike with its modern amenities and innovative design.

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