Project's location:

- To Long Thanh Air port: 15Km

- To Ringroad No.3 of HCMC: 5Km

- To Cat Lai Port: 30 Km

- To center of HCMC <30Km

- To Center of Bien Hoa: ~30 Km

- To Cái Mep Port (Vung tau): 38Km

M&A method and transfer price:

M&A method: Transfer 100% share of KOSTEEL VINA Co., Ltd
Transfer Price: Contact us

If you are interested in becoming an investor for this project, feel free to contact: 093 6868 700

Advantage of New Investor
New Investor can  become a partner Kosteel Korea by using the technology and Brand name of Kosteel
The factory is still in good condition and is operating.
The transfer price of the Factory is very cheap compared to its existing location and its properties.
Vacant land area (15,000m2), The Investor can expand production or implement other investment projects.

Plan ADD  [㈜플랜애드 건축사 사무소]의 모 기업에서 시작되어
현재는 Plan ADD Vietnam [㈜플랜애드 베트남 법인], 
ADD Construction  [애드 건설],
ADD Global  [건축 자재무역]으로 새롭게 출발하는 젊은 기업입니다.