Coincide with groundbreaking event of HAEIN factory, the ADD GROUP conducted a trip to a peaceful place in Dai Lai, Vinh Phuc. That trip is not only to help our team relax but also spur the bond among the staff.

We stayed in a hotel called Hidden Hill, it is truly hidden behind the mountain and forest, that is a remote area. To get to that place, our team drove through a long narrow curvy path with trees along  both sides, gradually brought us far away from the noise of the city with dust and traffic tension. 

Our itinerary, actually, was totally simple, we stayed together in the hotel in the whole trip. However, the very schedule exhilarated our team, because of those interactive activities in that place, they have swimming pool, fishing pond and moreover they have an BBQ area, allow us to cook and enjoy the meal together. 

Here is our activities: