HDC Yeongdeungpo Sang-a Design

Site location : Dangsan Yeongdeungpo Seoul, Korea
Consultant : Korea Plan ADD
Scope of work : Concept design, Basic design, Detail design.
Land area : 26,303m2
Constructon area : 4,965m2
Total floor area : 118,794m2
Number of storey : 29F/2BF
Unit : 785ea

The project is located in Southern part of Han River in Seoul, South Korea. Han River being a symbol of Seoul, this apartment complex can be considered to be one of a city residential redevelopment project.
Before progressing with the project, in research phase, we observed that in South Korea, uncounted number of apartments planned for decades did have different shapes however, standardized under the word and meaning of function. This may have imposed to be judged as a reasonable method of apartment residential. These thoughts have played a huge role in making the city unified and loose its diversity.
Thus, we have demonstrated the apartment complex to its utmost to break from compulsion, and targeted implementing a motive which are both physically psychologically related deeply with the site. Moreover, it was a symbol of Seoul, “Han River”.
Below are the detailed design plan methods that forms an apartment complex. With same aim, all the facilities within the complex, reflecting Han River, we have taken their individual problems, structures, accessibility and usability into consideration.

-The facade
Site is located relatively close to Han River, and we have taken the sun reflected golden glittery soft waves of the river as a motive and have captured it on the façade.
We have detached the buildings and opened up all the elevations like panorama, then folded, re-build and united the elevations to capture the golden reflection of the sunlight with the flow of the river. On the four main towers on every corner of the site, has given emphasis vertically, providing sharp edges to the skyline, while the golden flow runes horizontally. Correspondingly, the view lounges on the roof of the building links back to the Han River.

Community facilities such as club house and kid’s cafe for the residents are located on the ground level for easier accessibility and higher usability. Mass of the building is divided, opened and re-linked with the landscape to induce activity. On the basement level, we have extended the sunken to benefit the facilities along the sunken with sunlight and ventilation. By doing so, the corridor spaces are reduced and easily accessible.

-Commercial + Gate
Commercial facilities, security’s office and mom’s café is composed into one gate to give emphases on its wide sizable gate for the complex. Also by placing mom’s café by the school bus stop and playground zone, it allows the complex to builds a safe kids’ zone for the community.