Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical LLC (NSRP)

Plan ADD 건축사 사무소 GS건설과 응이손 정유 프로젝트 현지화 설계 및 인허가 컨설팅 계약

PetroVietnam‘s Chairman , Mr Phung Dinh Thuc confirmed during a visit on the site of the Nghi Son refinery project that the preparation work was completed in October 2012 so that the construction could start in 2013.
The Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical LLC (NSRP) is a joint venturebetween Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam), Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI), Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. (Idemitsu), and Mitsui Chemicals Inc. (Mitsui) established in 2008 to build the Vietnam largest refinery and petrochemical complex in Vietnam.
Within the Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical joint venture, PetroVietnam and its partners share the working interests:
 - PetroVietnam 30%
 - Kuwait Petroleum International 35.1%
 - Idemitsu 35.1%
 - Mitsui 4.7%
Currently, Vietnam holds only one refinery, theDung Quat refinery, with a capacity of 130,050 b/dcovering only 35% of the domestic market.
The actual consumption of refined products isincreasing in Vietnam by 6 to 8% so that therequired capacity of production in 2020 should reach 600,000 b/d.
In this perspective and after several delays the Nghi Son Refinery project should add 200,000 b/d (10 million t/y) capacity by 2016.
With the petrochemical complex to be integrated in the refinery, the whole Nghi Son refinery andpetrochemical project should require $8 billion capital expenditure.

Foster Wheeler completed FEED on Nghi Son refinery

Located close to the Hai Yen, Mai Lam and Tinh Hai Communes, in the Nghi Son Economic Zone (NSEZ) in the Thanh Hóa Province 215 kilometers south of Hanoi and about 80 km north of Vinh City (Nghe An Province), the Nghi Son Refinery project includes an:
 - Onshore part for the refining and petrochemical complex
 - Offshore infrastructure for the on and off loading of the vessels
The onshore part of the Nghi Son refinery project will cover 400 ha with 200,000 b/d of crude oil refining capacity to produce: 
 - 74,000 b/d of Diesel
 - 46,000 b/d of Gasoline and LPG
 - 12,000 b/d of Kerosen and Jetfuel
 - Fuel oil and bitumen
 - 400,000 t/y  of Polypropylene
 - 400,000 t/y of benzene and paraxylene 

The offshore part of the Nghi Son Refinery project will take 36ha in front of the refinery to integrate:
 - 35 kilometers crude oil import pipeline to connect the single point of mooring (SPM) of the tankers to the refinery
 - Two jetties of two berth each to export jet fuel, paraxylenebenzene, gasoline, LPG, sulphur and containerized Polypropylene
 - Product export pipelines system to link the refinery and petrochemical tank farms to the jetties
 - LPG dedicated export pipeline will supply an LPG tank on the jetty
 - Sulfur Forming and Storage unit with handling, weighting and shiploading facilities
Axens will supply the technology for the 
 - Residue Fluidized Catalytic Cracking (RFCC)
 - Prime-D Gas Oil desulfurization unit
 - Prime-K Kerozene desulfurization unit
Foster Wheeler completed the front end engineering and design (FEED)  and will supply the license for the delayed coker.
The engineering companies should start to work on the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC)contracts on first half 2013 . Plan ADD is converted to work with the currently approved design service design
 The Japan Bank for International Cooperation provides 70% of the financing and Kuwait will supply 100% of the crude oil.
With this Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical complex project, will PetroVietnam increases its local production of refined products, Kuwait secures export of crude oil, Idemitsu and Mitsui find a unique opportunity of competitive labor costs and feedstock to produce petrochemical products in a region where the market is booming.
SK건설과 GS건설은 지난 27일 베트남 응이손 정유.석유화학회사와 21억달러 규모의 정유·석유화학플랜트 공사 계약(사진)을 체결했다고 28일 밝혔다. 

탄 호아주 인민위원회 청사에서 열린 이번 계약식에는 최광철 SK건설 사장과 우상룡 GS건설 해외사업총괄(CGO) 사장, 히데토 무라카미 응이손 정유.석유화학회사 대표이사, 베트남 정부인사 등이 참석했다. 응이손 프로젝트는 오는 2017년까지 수도 하노이에서 남쪽으로 200㎞ 떨어진 탄 호아 지역에 하루 평균 20만 배럴의 정유를 정제할 수 있는 베트남 내 최대이자 두 번째 정유.석유화학플랜트를 짓는 공사다. SK건설은 원유정제설비(CDU)와 전기.수처리시설 등 부대시설 공사를 맡아 수행하며 GS건설은 수소 생산설비와 정유 저장설비 등 공사를 수행한다. Plan ADD 건축사 사무소는 현지 인허가와 변환 설계를 맡는다.

 최광철 SK건설 사장(앞줄 오른쪽 첫번째)과 우상룡 GS건설 해외사업총괄 사장(앞줄 오른쪽 두번째), 히데토 무라카미 응이손 정유.석유화학회사 대표이사(앞줄 오른쪽 세번째)가 계약서에 서명하고 있다.