THT villas - The best concept for villa/house


We proposed to THT our special design to villa (detached / terrace). That is funky style. On this work, we  planed the position of each land lot, traffic system, greenery area... and designed the typical unit (Total 6 type).
The image of this block will be made by buyer. Each buyer can choose position and villa type himself. So, we together make Master Plan.

This is best idea for villa.

Masterplan 1:

Masterplan 2:

Orientation description of housing design ideas for Block A

      I.            Design Style

Starting from the goal creating one special housing urban area, different from other urban areas, we have carefully studied same designs in Hanoi and other cities, which proposed for investors 1 new design trend, and has never been in Vietnam:
Modern style with many different diverse designs in the same area, creating fun pictures, not repeating one poorly as other urban areas - a vibrant urban area (funky style).

Thus, our idea is not only designing a urban area with simple housing function but also combining addition to other functions such as business, rent: store, shop. Create one unprecedented location at new urban areas in Hanoi.
Although the new urban area, but still keep the living culture of Ha Noi person.

According to the design of ground total, detached villa is divided into 4 distinct clusters with green tree core in the middle. It is the main intention of combining housing function with public function. People living in this area can enjoy the fresh air, cool from the balcony overlooking the garden; can enjoy fun air if you go on the internal road routes.

The main colors of the exterior design are the warm tones, harmonious and fit with the traditional culture of Vietnam, combined with the green of parks and trees; create one perfect urban area.

   II.            Exterior Materials :

The goal of the project is to create a clean living environment, in which construction is necessary in harmony with the environment. Starting from that goal in addition to layout green trees, the garden landscape everywhere in the urban areas in general and in works in particular, we aim to use sustainable sources of materials to the environment, also known as green materials. Specifically green materials friendly with environment used in furniture including unbaked hollow brick, lightweight concrete bricks, hollow  stone concrete brick, lightweight  baffles with high flexibility etc. ...... exterior include: natural stone tiles , outdoor furniture etc ....with clear and specific goals , THT villa project  promises to be an ideal spot to build a perfect life .

III.            Land size & villa arrangement

To create intimacy, pleasing with space. We designed a reasonable ground total, there is a separate between housing types:  surrounding outer surface of urban area, we layout terraces combining business (shop houses), in the heart of urban area is 4 clusters villa housing home stand isolated is more advanced.

With terrace type (Terrace), each land lot about 120 ~ 150m2, frontage from 5-6.5 m.
Leveraging front to business is 1 priority, so we give 1 minimum setback, not too far from the road. Part of the remaining area of land lot will make backyard for each house lot, thereby helping to distance between terraces and villas are detached far more; The main thing that makes space within urban areas are spacious and comfortable.
With detached villa (Detached villa), average 255m2/lot, and horizontal dimensions and length is equivalent 15-17m
This is luxury houses, the buyer's tastes are different, everyone has their own idea. In order to create comfort in one common framework, we propose that the customer is person arranging location of the house on their own land plot and building density that has been designed with the other 5 samples each other (similar style). Buyers, design consultant unit and investor create vivid pictures for the whole area together . Creating special features for this urban area.

Concept unit design:

1. Detached:

2. Terrace:

 3. Landscape: